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Louisville House Unlocks

Every once in awhile, you might find yourself in a situation where you’re stuck out of your house with no way to get the door unlocked! We are here to help for those moments when you just can’t find the keys and need a house unlock service. Our 24-hour service is unmatched thanks to our 15 minute response time. Once the call is put in, our dispatchers use their state of the art GPS to locate the closest technician to your home and get that person out there for your house unlock. Combine that with our unbeatable low service rate of $19 and our constant availability, and you have the best locksmiths for your house unlock around. Don’t hesitate to call Locksmith Louisville, KY for your house unlock at any time!

Lock Pick in Louisville KY

It doesn’t matter if you’re locked out of your car, house, or business; we will be there in no time to provide a lock pick and get you back inside. Our excellent and hi-tech dispatch service, utilizing fast-acting GPS, allows us to locate the closest technician to your area and get that person to you quickly and efficiently. No lock is a match for our lock pick skills, including almost any kind of car lock! With our fast response time, 24-hour service, and $19 service call, Locksmith Louisville, KY is the best bet for your lock pick needs. Call us any day and at any time to find out why we are the best the area has to offer.

Door Unlocks

Our technicians at Locksmith Louisville, KY are not only skilled in unlocking doors for all of your residential and business needs, but we are also experts at getting past the locks and getting you back into your home, car, or business.

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Identify your location. If you are locked out or your car or need service in a location that is nor your home or business, you will need to find the address or a nearby landmark so we can find you. 


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