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The skilled technicians at Locksmith Louisville, KY have made a name for themselves for being the fastest, cheapest, and best locksmiths around. But, that doesn’t define all we are. We’re also skilled new construction locksmiths – fast and competitively priced!

Whether you’re a general contractor building a private home, creating an entire sub-division, or building your own home from scratch, we are the people to call for new construction locksmith services. Our skilled technicians are ALOA trained whenever possible and have years of experience as locksmiths and new construction locksmith contractors. We guarantee customer satisfaction, regardless of whether you’re a fellow professional or someone trying to build your first home. We even offer consultations prior to the work to ensure you’re getting a price you’re comfortable with for a new construction locksmith contractor. Call us today for more information about why we’re the best around!

Louisville KY Lock and Door Installation

Our skills at Locksmith Louisville, KY aren’t limited to getting locks open and making new keys. We are also experienced new construction locksmiths capable of lock and door installation for new construction. When you’re building your own home, or starting work on the newest subdivision in the community, you want to go with a new construction locksmith you know you can trust. Our technicians are guaranteed to meet all of your new lock and door installation needs. New construction can be tricky, as well as expensive. Our team of skilled professionals has made it their mission to provide excellent work for competitive prices. You can even schedule a consultation with us to make sure you’re getting the price you want for your new construction locksmith services. We offer our new lock and door installation services for new construction apartment buildings, private homes, and sub-divisions alike. Call us today to see why we’re the best new construction locksmith contractors available!

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